We believe that in riding a bike, we contribute toward healing our planet from the damage caused by fossil fuels, in order to leave a better world for the next generation...  

Preventive safety means stopping accidents. Until today, biking has been less safe because of how difficult it is to know when cars are behind you on the road. By returning that one critical second to riders, we can change forever the way we bike, the way we move, and the way everyone moves - all around the world. If we can easily, clearly, and quickly see what is behind us on the road, we can prevent accidents. We’ll be safer, we’ll ride more often, and more people will join us, creating a ripple effect that can have a positive impact on our world.

We at Sehen have created a state of the art rear-view bike mirror that doesn’t vibrate, bringing you the steadiest, clearest view available. You'll be safer and have greater peace of mind while riding. We know you've never felt this safe before on the road and that you'll agree that Sehen offers the best way available to see the traffic around you.


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