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Many times a mistake creates a miracle. While I was playing with my children I found a piece of a toy that I managed to modify, and suddenly I had a bike mirror that was as steady as a car’s rear view mirror. It was incredible, and believe me when I say that if you're a rider you have never felt this feeling. The image was very precise, and I began to feel really safe riding my bike on the street - on any street - with or without bike lanes.




The most important part about Sehen is that it doesn't vibrate at all, showing you a very clear image that makes you feel incredibly safe and sure of what you are doing when riding your bicycle in the street.  

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Sehen can be very easily attached to almost any kind of glasses, most bike glasses, bike helmets with or without visor, and caps.

 With a very light 2-gram aluminum device (included) Sehen can easily be attached to visorless helmets, motorcycle helmets, etc.

Compact and very easy to keep in any pocket. It won't break or bend because of its materials and design.


Sehen mirror is made of 1.5mm high-resistance acrylic that resists ten times more than a glass mirror, which is very important when it's so close to your eyes. It has 90% reflectivity - practically the same as a commercial glass mirror, which has 94% reflectivity. It's so close you won't notice the difference, and it's half the weight. Sehen is safer and lighter.




The sleek design will make you look and feel good. One of our biggest challenges was to make a rearview mirror that lets you see perfectly while making you feel proud to wear it. Sehen's design is not only for aesthetics. It's what prevents Sehen from vibrating, too.

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